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We would like to thank everyone who took part in the “Ask Me Anything” conducted on the Infinity Gainz channel on December 3, 2020.

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Host: Crypoto94 from Infinity Gainz
Speaker: Jacob, ETFx Finance CEO and Financial Specialist

❓ Q1: Lets start off wiith a brief discription of what is ETFxFinance?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
Our project is bringing ETFs to the DeFi market.
ETFs are like cart with few tokens inside. Each ETF is including 4 cryptos, and his price is averaged based on those 4 cryptos price. That makes ETFs safest investment on DeFi market.
Of course you will be able to buy those ETFs on our platform using ETFx token for that. Our main goal is make decentralized ETFs accessible for everyone, independent of centralized entities.

❓ Q2: ETFs as in bringing stocks to crypto? Do you have a Demo/Product?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
Not completly. Its working like classical ‘stock ETF’, but our ETFs will include only crypto assets, not stocks.
Now we are testing Alpha version of our dApp, im sure we will release Beta version earlier than roadmap says.

ETFx Finance dApp Alpha 1.0 LIVE DEMO

❓ Q3: Tell us about the team. You are ANON, how can we trust you? Did Dextools KYC the team before sponsoring?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
Most of us are working in traditional finance and banking on daily basis. We have a lot of experience in investing in traditional assets, we dealt with the supervision of ETFs and other financial instruments.
Ofcourse they had to verify us, before they started to sponsor us.
We are planning to reveal ourselfs but at this moment its very difficult for us.
We are bound by quite extensive contracts with our employer, which forbid us from activities that may compete with our company.

❓ Q3:I think a lot of people are catious in investing in ANON projects, especially now

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
But there is also a lot ANON projects which dont rug at all :)
If you look at our website and read how everything is built you will understand that this project could not have been created by inexperienced people. Its not basic farm project.
Its hard for us to do something more at this moment, Dextools certifies us, im not sure but i think any of their sponsored project rugged.

❓ Q4: Lets talk about your Token Metrics.

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
Ok, if you want to know details our whole tokenomics is fully explained here:

Total Supply 1.000.000 ETFx
Hardcap 1500 ETH
SoftCap 400 ETH
Liquidity 75%-80% will be locked in Liquidity for 1 year (depending on the collected amount)
Public sale price 2,5$
Uniswap listing price 4$

❓ Q5: I seen the Dextools Sponsorship, do you have any other partnerships worth mentioning?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
We have a partnership with a large, well-known market. However, we are still working on the last details of the cooperation. However, I think I can reveal a bit today 🙂 This exchange is litteraly HOT, HOT BITcoin exchange, but I can’t reveal the name.

❓ Question from the audience 1: Why did you decide create the project around the ETF’s Instead of the Futures or arbitrage trading? Which opportunity do you saw in the ETFs?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
Our goal is to create a product that is useful for everyone.
ETFs are a much safer activity than futures or arbitrage exchanges.
They give the opportunity to invest in 4 assets when buying one ETF.
In my opinion, this will make it much easier for new investors who often do not know the market and do not know which cryptocurrencies to buy or which to invest in.
Therefore, they will get a carefully selected ‘package’ of cryptocurrencies, due to the fact that the price is averaged, the risk of loss is much lower than by investing in each of these cryptocurrencies separately.
This system also allows you to maximize your earnings, especially during the bullmarket in which we participate.

For example:
You are buying ETF1 which icludes
Crypto A — 5$
Crypto B — 5$
Crypto C — 5$
Crypto D — 5$

So value of this ETF1 will be averaged price, in this case 5$

In case crypto A and crypto B will drop by $ 1, but crypto C and crypto D will drop by $ 1.5
Crypto A — 4$
Crypto B — 4$
Crypto C — 6,5$
Crypto D — 6,5$

So this ETF1 value at this moment will be 5,25$ — so you are still earning

❓ Question from the audience 2: We know, some of project only tells about their strengths. Can you tell us honestly about the weaknesses of ETFx Finance project now? And what are your plans to solve it?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
In my opinion, our biggest weakness is the lack of awareness of ETFs on the market. And understanding them.
Our plan is simple: promotion and education.
Once people understand how ETFs work and how they can use from them, they will definitely benefit from the opportunities provided by our project.
Investing in simple ETF at this moment is more profitable than holding money in any bank or classic investment.
We believe that our partners and community will help us with spreading ETFx into crypto world :) Together we can build something really big.

❓ Q6: One last question, what can we expect in the comming days/weeks in terms of Marketing and Development?

💬 Jacob ETFx Finance
In this week we will fully release our Pools smart contracts and Audit them, also we are planning to release whitepaper till the end of the month.



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